Although I am not currently active on the air, I do hold an amateur radio license with the call sign SM6YBY.

Radio amateurs will be interested to know that QSL for me is either direct or via the bureau (no manager). Please note that there may be considerable delay in response especially to QSL via the bureau.

Amateur radio is a technical, explorative, social, contact-seeking hobby centered around experimentation with radio and related technologies.

Radio amateurs, due in part to their knowledge of radio technology, theory and practice, also often help out in situations where normal means of communication are unavailable or unsuitable. The ability to practice radio communications in non-emergency situations ensures that when the need arises, whether emergency communications are performed on the amateur radio frequency bands, frequencies assigned for emergency services, or other means (for example telephone), radio amateurs will have the knowledge and experience to provide reliable, fluent, professional handling of traffic.