The SK0TM (also written SKØTM) amateur radio station is the official ham radio station of the Association of Swedish Radio Amateurs (Sveriges Sändareamatörer), located in the Technical Museum in Stockholm. It is manned by approximately 50 volunteer operators who are contractually obliged to serve a certain number of days per year at the station, and is one of the ways by which the SSA works to reach the public as well as create awareness of amateur radio as a modern hobby.

After getting my amateur radio license in 2002, beginning in mid-2004 I was one of the at the time around 45 operators authorized to man the station, and as such, one of the people tasked with informing interested museum visitors about amateur radio and the SSA.

In the end it turned out to be a short assignment for me, as I moved from Stockholm in 2005. It was, however, a very interesting experience and also an honor to be asked if I was interested in becoming an authorized SKØTM operator.

For some pictures showing the station interior, visit the SKØTM official web site.