These keys should not be used and are listed for reference only. Under each key type, keys are listed by generation date descending (most recent on top).

To the best of my knowledge, none of these keys have been compromised in any way.

OpenPGP (PGP, GnuPG)


RSA, 4096 bits, fingerprint B92A 6DFE 5B0C A323 E066 DB91 B501 AC64 29EF 4514.

Generated 2013-07-12, deprecated 2022-10-14.


DH/DSS, 4096/1024 bits, fingerprint 3723 9372 C245 D6A8 18A6 36AC 758F 8749 BDE9 ADA6.

Generated 2003-04-22, deprecated 2013-07-12.


DH/DSS, 4096/1024 bits, fingerprint 95F1 074D 336D F8F0 F297 6A5B 2AA3 7BFD 8A70 E33E.

Generated 1997-10-11, deprecated 2003-04-22.


RSA, 2047 bits. Fingerprint 97C7 3C94 13F1 92C0 987C 39B7 0B96 B658.

Generated 1996-03-15, deprecated 1997-10-11.

Note: The secret key for this key is no longer available.



PKCS#1 SHA-1/RSA, 2048 bits. Fingerprint B8 F8 FE FB DC D6 7D 38 3C F8 5E 69 A7 D2 A0 B2 9A 57 6F E5 (SHA1).

Generated 2008-06-19, deprecated 2009-06-20.