Public keys

Cryptographic "public keys", along with appropriate software, allow for secure communications without any prior arrangements. Once you have installed the appropriate software, just grab an appropriate key, and you can send me a message secure in the knowledge that nobody other than myself will be able to read the message. Some web mail services even offer integrated OpenPGP support.

I have different types of public keys which are used for different purposes. The OpenPGP key is useful for e-mail, as well as situations where you may want to send large amounts of data. The OTR (Off-The-Record) keys are for instant messaging only and may require a plugin to your instant messaging software.

Please select the type of public key you are interested in from the choices either below or in the navigation sidebar.

For old keys that are no longer used, please use the sidebar link. Old keys are provided for reference, but should not be used for correspondence.

To the best of my knowledge, none of my keys have been compromised in any way.