Off The Record public keys

OTR is an end-to-end IM encryption scheme that can be used over any IM network/service and with a number of different clients. Cypherpunks Canada has more about it, along with downloads, on their OTR web site.

These are the fingerprints (in hexadecimal, sorted alphanumerically) of OTR keys that I currently use on my various IM accounts and from different physical locations.

For privacy reasons, I have chosen to not list the exact account each key is for. Simply compare the fingerprint given below to that of the key presented by my IM client; if it is a full match, the probability of it not being me is extremely small (for a random key, on the order of one in 7.3*1047 or one in 730 quattuordecillion). For an active attack the odds naturally are a bit worse; if this is of concern to you, feel free to use an out-of-band authentication method such as telephone or cryptographically signed e-mail in addition to simply verifying the fingerprint against this list.

- 0E6E0101 9C137BD2 A57B2B80 CA2E0B4E F205E355
- 2039C3F8 6474DC6A 4DA948BF 187262C1 039CEB55
- 248CA268 15346548 D2D00B0B DFDF015C A74CC362
- 2E72134D 1E94E77B 881A3F5D B686D4B0 281B5365
- 3C567C1E 23294204 F72FBFEF A4D90EDA 8297B736
- 4D5107CE 18B928B6 6544DD9B 57BBE838 48308DA0
- 5693111F 1E4B7C9C 2C11CED7 E4360D9E E5919827
- 69F945DB 88AD6F63 9BF425A0 6988C3CA 6DC7FA17
- 6B467192 717BE03D 422B99E6 7F5DE5EA 5E71BF9E
- 93E42D14 97348D64 37032DAE 504669D4 7C0C798D
- A5FD2CE1 6F91852C CD6F5621 9F9C19CA C1441BE5
- C9E39ACD 317B61E5 29BB6047 74371446 2A9A5766
- CCFC8D92 05295253 03079694 4EC64759 A8444658
- F2402858 3DE0C2D2 46899621 8FE4F4D1 F5CCE3CD
- F25A90F8 80A7CA8F F95083F1 0A28A2EA C9B41529
- F52E971A EFA01CD7 9A594E83 5AF9794B EC8E865B